This last weekend we were delighted by having out friends Joe and Valerie and their 3 year old son Caleb visit us in San Antonio! We first met them on our honeymoon cruise to the Bahamas! We happened to be sat with them for dinner and we felt like we had known each other forever!

We had dinner at Casa Rio on the Riverwalk, took the boat tour, and on Saurday we had dinner at Big Lou's Pizza! They have a 42" pizza! We went back to the Riverwalk and went swimming at the hotel pool. Sunday we went to the Wildlife Ranch at Natural Bridge Caverns and fed the animals! We were gypped though! No Zebras! It was 100 degrees outside and the animals were sticking to the shade!

About Me


Hello! I am 26 years old and the writer of this here blog. I am a Libra which means I'm stubborn but I'm working on that. I do not have an "indoor voice" which gets me into trouble. I spend my days at home taking care of the most beautiful little girls in the world! I have my degree in Fashion Design! I love to sew and I have my own Etsy shop where I make stuffed elephants! I grew up in upstate New York. I am married to the greatest man a woman could have!

There... short and sweet!

We married on January 6th 2012.