DIY Polka Dot Dresser

I looked everywhere for a pretty wood dresser to use for the girls changing table. Nothing we found was in our price range so Tristan found us one from CCA for $50. It is definitely worth that much. Its not real wood, just composite with a white venire. I felt like it needed some personality! You can do this on real wood, venire, anything really. Feel free to use tissue paper, wall paper or anything else paper-like to glue on.

My sister had bought this adorable polka dot tissue paper for my baby shower but didn't end up using it. Knowing me, I kept it incase an idea came upon me! I love how this turned out!

First step is to make your homemade Mod Podge. If you want a shiny finish I would suggest using real Mod Podge. Personally I cant make it to the store with two infants so I found this method to work well as I didn't have glue. There are many different ways to make it.
 Prepare your surface by giving it a little wipe-down to remove dirt. Also make sure you protect the area around it. Even If you use my method without glue, this stiff still hardens REALLY well and would be hard to remove.
Using a sponge brush, paint a nice layer on the drawer front working in small areas so as to not let it dry out. Tip: I over cooked my mixture and realized later that a little more water to thin it out would make it way easier to use.
Lay your paper on top starting on one end and smooth it out as you go. If you are using tissue paper be warned that it wont be completely smooth.

Paint a layer of your glue on top of the paper painting down the edges as you go. Tip: don't apply too much in one place or over-brush as too much moisture will make the tissue paper tear.
Doesn't my composite board look much prettier?
If your tissue paper wasn't long enough (like mine) make sure you repeat the steps above and match your pattern.
Enjoy your beautiful new dresser! If you want you can spray paint it with a clear coat for shine. I used my parents clear coat that had been sitting in the garage for 10 years and it turned the bottom left drawer yellow! See that? I would suggest new paint :)

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