8 Months

You both have learned so much this month! Sophia was the first to get up on her hands and knees and start rocking! Now Lilly can do it and that is how you both prefer to sleep, like little inch worms! Lilly, you can sit up unsupported while Sophia prefers to lay on her tummy. Momma started teaching you some sign language and you seem to be picking it up pretty quick! Mommy figured out that if she nibbles your thighs, you will laugh! We also got your helmets this month and Mommy painted them with pink polka dots. You don't mind them at all! We have started to let you play in the bath together and it is really cute to see you interact! Sophia has her first tooth! Sophia, you are also really noisy and loves to hear your own voice! You also roll all around the living room and cant sit still! When you are fussy sometimes Mommy just has to sign you "Rock-a-bye Baby" and you quiet right down and smile!

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