Warm Fires and Full Hearts

"Oh the weather outside is frightful"
 Mommy looked away for one second!

 The BEST (spilled) hot cocoa ever
 Cuddling with Daddy and Molly's straw
 Christmas eggs (recipe to post soon, unless my mom wants to keep it a secret!)
 look... at... that!

 they loved it!

Last night was our first "winter-weather" night! The high for the day was 40 and the low was below freezing! We figured this called for a warm fire and hot cocoa. Unfortunately the fire didn't last long and Daddy had to run out for a starter log. I put my energy is making us Christmas Eggs. The best egg dish in the world! Cheese, ham, bacon goodness! It was hard keeping the girls away from the now large fire but Sophia found some temporary distraction with my cup of hot cocoa. She is really good at spilling things that aren't hers! It was a great night of cuddling and playing on the floor. The best part? Its going to stay cold for awhile so nights like these are going to be many.

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