Warming up

This weekend the temperature finally hit the 70s! I have been counting down the days since November. The girls were starting to get super cooped up in the house! Not to mention my complexion was looking really sad. So out we went for some fun in the sun (and a tan for mommy)!

I borrowed my moms DSLR camera to take some pics of these crochet child-proof door knob cover that I had made recently and was having fun figuring out how to use it. I definitely need to take a class or two! I am used to taking every picture on my phone. But I tried, and tried, and tried! NONE of them came out looking even remotely usable. I seriously need to get me one of these babies! I'm shocked. Even with my lack of experience I think these look great!


  1. Oh my goodness, your girls are getting so big!! And they are the most gorgeous little things!

    I found your blog a couple years ago when I was searching for a ***free*** crochet booties pattern. I saw the sandals and thought they were absolutely the cutest! Since then I have (silently) followed your blog (at that time you didn't have an "Anonymous" selection, and I didn't/don't have a Google Account or any of the rest...). I must say, the month by month photos are a great idea! It really shows how much they change-- and how quickly it all goes by.

    ANYWAY. I won't say any more (yet) as I know how BUSY you must be! �� Thanks for all the crochet patterns and DIY tutorials. And of course for letting all of us strangers see your lovely family through the pictures. ☺

    Have a great day,
    Kate L.

    1. Kate, I'm so glad you enjoy my little blog! It is really fun to create ideas to share with everyone :) And I must agree with you, my girls ARE gorgeous! But of course i am biased :) When I first started blogging I had no idea what I was doing and never knew there wasn't an "anonymous" selection! I recently changed everything so I'm glad it is working better now! Thank you so much for visiting!!!