Four Months

You are learning so much! You love to sit in your bouncy seats and smile at the dangling lion. We started letting you sleep without being swaddled and you love it! You both are still sleeping twelve hours straight which Mommy and Daddy love! Lilly, you love to sleep on your back while your sister is always trying to get on her side! You grew out of most of your clothes so Mommy had to do some shopping! Sophia, you are still a pound behind Lilly but you are filling out so nicely! You weigh around 15 and 14 pounds! Mommy stopped breastfeeding altogether and now you just get formula, you don't mind! You have discovered your hands and Mommy will catch you staring at them! You are always putting them in your mouths! There are so many changes coming and as sad as we are that you are growing up, we LOVE watching you learn!

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