DIY Diaper Sprayer

We have been cloth diapering the girls for 5 months now. We FINALLY decided it was time for a diaper sprayer. You discover this when 2 days worth of poopy diapers sit in the bathroom and you have no drive at all to swish them in the toilet. So off we went to Lowes! You can buy kits online but they cost $40ish dollars. This is how we made one for $20. We started with this video but we found a way to cut out 2 parts. It took us less than an hour to set it up. This is our DIY:
1. Toilet connector hose (you can cut the one you already have but we live in an apartment and didn't want to cut that one)
2. 3/8" ball valve
3. 3/8"x 3/8"x 3/8" T-connector
4. 5 #4 metal clamps
5. Kitchen spray (if you can find a kit that includes the hose you can skip part #6, our Lowes didn't have one)
6. Kitchen spray hose
1. Plumbing tape (we didn't end up using it)
2. Saw
3. Wrench
4. Screwdriver (our clamps required a flathead)

1. Turn OFF the water supply, place bowl under toilet
2. Flush the toilet a few times to drain the tank
3. Remove the tubing (above)

 Any extra water is go into the bowl. It will look like this.


1. Saw the hose you just removed (or the one you bought) in half
2. Slide a clamp onto each end
3. Insert the straight side of the T-connector into each side (I would have made it match up better instead of being all twisty)
4. Use screwdriver to tighten the clamps as much as you can

1. Cut the bolt end off of the sprayer hose leaving as much hose as possible
2. Cut again a few inches up the hose (this is where we will connect to ball valve)

1. Slide the clamps onto the open ends
2. Insert ball valve into each end
3. Tighten the clamps as much as you can

1. Slide last clamp onto open end
2. Insert into T-valve
3. Tighten clamp
4. Put toilet hose back on tightly
1. Make sure the ball valve is in the OFF position
2. Leaving bowl under toilet, turn water back on slowly
3. Flush a few times and check for leaks, tank should fill back up
1.Turn ball valve to ON position
2. Holding sprayer over toilet, squeeze trigger and check for leaks
3. When you are done spraying the diaper turn valve to OFF position and squeeze trigger a few times over toilet to get rid of remaining water in hose
4. DONE!


  1. Thank you for this tutorial!! I found your post and another through Pinterest. I tried the other first because there's had lots of comments on it saying how great it was. Not for me!!! It took me 4 trips and lots of frustration to do there's because if all the specific parts. The 4th trip was my final though because that's when I returned all those parts and bought these ones. This sprayer works great!!! So glad I found it! Less confusing and it was cheaper! The other one took me two days before I gave up and returned everything. This one took me 45 minutes including the time it took me to return the other stuff, buy this stuff, and get home!! Thank you thank you!! I will definitely be passing this tutorial onto others!!

    1. Also I'd like to add that you don't need a saw to cut the tubes. All you need is a utility knife. And most folks already have them at home! It's also a cleaner cut than a saw. And plumbers tape definitely is not needed!

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