10 Months

You girls are changing right before my eyes! You both are now crawling all over the place! You also like to pull up on anything you can find and Mommy watches you talk to each other while you stand in your cribs! You both have mastered the "Indian" call which is so sweet to watch you do. Lilly, you like to do "feather fingers" where you sweetly brush back and forth whatever you are touching. You also like to scream at the top of your lungs! Sometimes it startles Mommy! Lately you are laughing at everything and everyone while your sister seems to have gotten a little more reserved and prefers to chirp like a little bird. It is so much fun watching you girls interact with each other. Especially when you keep stealing each others pacifiers! You will laugh and play if Mommy puts you in the same crib and you like to follow each other around the house! You even shared Santa's lap and just stared at him! This month will be your first Christmas and Mommy and Daddy are so excited!

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