A Colorful First Birthday Party


I remember this day like it was yesterday (or last year... same thing). My sweet girls turning one. I was just so happy that we all made it to one. Not only was it their first birthday but ours as parents as well! So in honor of their upcoming second birthday this week, I am posting the pictures I should have posted a long time ago of their fun day. One day ill be on time for something...
First off, I went theme-free. I just cant abide the intricate themes that are all the rage. Ain't nobody got time for that!!! I decided to have a color party instead! The same went for their nursery; no theme just lots of fun colors! It was easier this way (read: cheaper) as all of it was DIY.

I was even dumb enough to think I could ice my own cupcakes. Wow that was a major fail! My attempt as pretty frosting turned into a blindingly yellow mess. Luckily I have a mother that excels at everything and was kind enough to lend a helping hand. We got it almost right (almost). We made baked mac n cheese and little pigs in a blanket. A smart idea I thought of was little PBJ triangle for the millions of kids that came! No seriously, I couldn't see the floor; they were everywhere!

I printed out their monthly pictures and matted them with colorful construction paper. They hung easily from some yellow yarn. It was nice to walk by and see how for they have come! My little girls aren't so little anymore.... sad day


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