12 months of Twins

The girls turn two this month! And in honor of that I will be posting pictures of them growing up. You know... the ones I should have posted but never ever did? Well no better time than now!

You might remember that I posted the pictures of the day they were born, on their first birthday. It seems that I am always a year behind. But that's how it goes I guess! You'll just have to give me grace as I know I often have to give myself.

I'll start with the adorable pictures I took of the girls every month of their first year. They grew so fast I didn't even notice!! I love to see these, but I'm also sad at the thought that my babies are no longer my babies but sassy, back-talking, feisty, physically abusive toddlers. But I'm sure a couple years from now ill miss that too (I hope).

Some are blurry because kids are always moving, but I feel it correctly captures life at the time. Some are dark because I was limited by the one window in our whole apartment (did I mention how I love my new house?), and sometimes the girls have frowny faces because apparently I'm not funny.

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