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July 17th 2012, it was a Tuesday and we sat in the cold room waiting for the doctor to start the exam. I had prepared myself for what I was about to see, after all I already knew I was pregnant. Tristan was standing up by my head holding my hand as the doctor moved the wand around. Neither Tristan nor I could see the monitor as it was facing the doctor and I was getting so excited to see the little miracle.

She pauses for a second and said the words "oh my gosh girl" and the nurse in the back gave a little excited giggle. I knew there was something and my mind raced, what if something was wrong?

 I look at Tristan and he looks confused and I said "what is it?" She turned the monitor towards us and said the words I will never forget...

 "You have twins!"

We both watched as the two little blobs moved in and out of view. There were definitely two. At this moment total shock took over. It was like an out of body experience. I looked at Tristan and he was smiling an in-shock smile. I started shaking as the truth of it started to settle in. We start laughing and a love fills me up like it has never before. I have twins. Not many people get to experience that. What a blessing!

The doctor measures baby #1: 8 weeks 5 days 170 bpm.
Then she measures baby #2: 8 weeks 3 days 167 bpm.

"They are perfect" she tells us. I firmly believe we were given what God knew we could handle, and in return he will provide us with just what we need. From strength to finances to time. We are so thankful.

My two little blobs!


We had our second appointment today at 11 weeks! The blobs now look like real babies! As we watched the screen the lower one jumped and started flailing its arms and legs!
The top one was sleeping so I moved my belly and he/she started moving too!

It feels so real now!!!!

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