The Joys of Spring

Spring finally showed up. A month late but its finally here and that's all that matters. We were lucky enough to take advantage of some awesome sun before we were hit with the Spring storms. You just can never win living in Texas!

While hubby was busy (doing something I cant remember) I took the girls down to my sister to enjoy her very large resort style pool. This thing puts out rectangle, one depth pool to shame. It really is sad. I'm not quite to that "I will swim in the birdbath, its so hot" mentality. When that happens I will see my sad pool as a gift from God!

DIY Night Night pom pom pillows

I have been a busy bee lately! This last Mother's day weekend (yes, I deserve a whole weekend) was a dousy! The finale was a lovely tornado that hit out city on Sunday afternoon. As panicked as I was, the exhileration was exciting! I snapped an awsome shot of it that landed on the front page of the paper. Now im a photojournalist too I guess!

Thank you for allowing me a moment to brag. Anyways! On to the tutorial!

You will need:
16x16 pillow form
White fabric 17"x17" (2 for each pillow)
Pom Poms- about 2 yards
Fabric Paint or Fabric Markers
Print out of words
Light table or bright window


1. Print out the PDF file here. Cut and tape the words together so they fit nicely on the pillow and are centered with each other.

2. Tape the words to either your light table or a bright window and tape your fabric nicely over it so it is centered.

3. Use your marker to draw the words or use a pencil to roughly trace them and go over with your fabric paint and a small brush after you take it down. Allow to dry completely.

5. Pin your trim down with the pom poms facing in and with the start of the flat tape just under 1/2" mark. Stitch down center of tape. It is easiest to cut the trim at each corner rather than trying to turn it.

6. Place the backing fabric on top of the words making a sandwich and pin in place, leaving an opening around 6 inches at the bottom. Stitch down at 1/2".

7. Turn your case right side out and gently stuff it with your pillow form. Hand stitch the opening closed.

Voila! A cute little piece of humor to adorn your bed! I feel like I need to bring something like this into my bedroom as well. Do you have any ideas for a funny use of words? -Rhianna

DIY Baby Shower Guestbook

Whew! The month of baby showers is finally over! Lots of fun was had and lots of blessings given. Through most of the showers, my responsibility was to make the guest book! I love these kind of projects and the latest was my favorite! Although I wish I was equipped with something better than my iphone for pictures! Here I will share with you how I made this lovely floral one:

11x14 frame
Gray (or chosen color) acrylic paint
Paint brush
Poster board cut to 11x14
Small flowers
Elmer's glue

The frame was $10 from Hobby Lobby with my 40% off coupon. The flowers were also from Hobby Lobby in the scrap booking section; I used two packs

Step one: Dry brush your frame with the gray paint. Make sure to keep it uneven so it looks aged.

Step two: Print out your large letter and tape it to a sunny window (or use a light table). Tape your cut poster board over top with the letter centered in the middle.

Step three: Glue your flowers over the silhouette letter. Elmer's glue works really well if you use just a little bit per flower. Allow to dry.

Let people sign it using silver or black pens before you put it in the frame. Do not put the thick back on the frame if you are using the glass as it wont fit with the layers of flowers. You can use it (if you want to stand it up on a table) without the glass and it still looks great!

The mama-to-be will love this pretty time capsule of blessings!

Tinkerbell slippers free pattern

We watch Tinkbell almost everyday. It is the girls favorite! They call her "Bika" and I have no idea why.... but its freaking cute! I figured the girls would love a pair of slippers to wear while they watch Bika save Pixie Hollow!

The pattern below is in toddler sizes 4,5,6,7. You will find the stitch counts in parenthesis. Where there is no parenthesis there is no change. No turning.

Crochet Toddler Tinkerbell Slippers:

Worsted weight yarn
Size G hook
White pom poms (2)


Rnd 1: Chain (16,17,18,19), 2 dc in 4th ch from hook, dc (11,12,13,14), 6 dc in last ch. Working on other side of chain, dc (11,12,13,14), 2 dc in last ch (the chain that has 2 dc from other side), ss to top of chain 3. (34,36,38,40)

Rnd 2: Chain 1, hdc in same stitch as ch 1, 2 hdc in next 3 stitches, hdc (6,7,8,9), dc 3, 2 dc in next 8 st, dc 3, hdc (6,7,8,9), 2 hdc in next 3 stitches, ss to first hdc. (47,49, 51,53)

Rnd 3: Chain 1, hdc in same stitch as ch 1, hdc around, ss to first hdc. (47,49,51,53)

Rnd 4: Chain 1, sc in same stitch as ch 1, sc around, ss to first sc (47,49,51,53)

Rnd 5: Chain 1, sc in same stitch as ch 1, sc in next st, sc2tog, sc (9,10,11,12), hdc 2, dc2tog 10 times, hdc 2, sc (8,9,10,11), sc2tog, ss to first sc. (35,37,39,41)

Rnd 6: Chain 1, hdc in same stitch as ch 1, hdc in next st, hdc2tog, hdc 2, sc (6,7,8,9), hdc 1, dc2tog 6 times, hdc 1, sc (5,6,7,8), hdc 2, hdc2tog, ss to first hdc. (27,29,31,33)

Rnd 7: Chain 1, sc in same stitch as ch 1, sc (10,11,13,15), sc2tog 4 times, sc (8,9,10,11), ss to first sc. (23,25,27,29)

Tie off and weave in ends

Using white thread, securely attach pom pom to front of shoe.

If you see any mistakes please let me know. I wrote this while my head is in a fog so hopefully it came out alright!

*This is a free pattern. Please do not repost or distribute pattern in whole or part. You may sell what you make from this pattern! By using my pattern and selling your items, you are also agreeing that you will give credit by adding a link to my original blog post in each individual listing, or on your tags. Please DO NOT use my photos to sell your items! Thank you!