The Great Pattern Hack Challenge

This disaster of a week would not be complete without a day-late entry in to a fun sewing challenge. After two toddlers with diarrhea, a growing sore throat, and a nauseous pregnant belly, I just done. I worked my booty off to finish these sweet tops in time, and actually thought I was finishing two days early! NOT! That's okay though, that's life and I was thankful for the chance to get my sewing machine in motion. So without further ado... here is my hack!

I decided to hack the Izzy Top from Climbing the Willow. It was free, and since that's my favorite number it worked out perfect! I got rid of the back opening and instead added a "v" to the front and embellished it with some blanket stitching and sweet handmade tassels! I also changed the hemline from straight to curved and added some pom pom trim. So sweet don't you think? Now to get this brain fog under control!