One Month

Just now getting around to posting it...
Mommy and Daddy have already fallen in love with you! You have become much more alert since you were born. We are adjusting to our new life as parents and have been taking you out and about since you were 2 weeks old! Your personalities are just like they were in Mommy's tummy! Lilly, you are very vocal and active while Sophia, you like to just observe and let sister do all the talking! You sleep in the exact same position which is so cute! Everyone says you both look so much like Daddy! In the first month you lost all the hair on the top of your heads and looked like little old men! We call you Lilly Flower and Soph-a-loaf. We cant wait till you start smiling and laughing at us!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from the Hendrix family!

Crochet Baby Sandals


Bow Front Crochet Baby Sandals

Aren't these super cute? I was looking online for a baby sandal pattern but I could not find one that I liked enough. So I made my own! I have never written a complete pattern before but these turned out perfect (and cute too)! Below is the free pattern* and tutorial in size 0-3 months. Length of finished shoe is 3.25". Will fit a foot up to 3". Please leave a comment if you made these or see any errors!

Making these for a boy? Then just follow the pattern here and instead of doing the bow at the end, head over to Playin' Loopy with my Hooky for a modification (thanks Angie)!

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Worsted Weight yarn- I used I Love This Cotton
Size F hook
2 buttons

*EDIT: to make these a little bigger, use stitch count in parenthesis. I have not made them in the larger size personally but the numbers should work. Please let me know if they do not work.

Shoe Sole (two for each shoe)

1st Sole- worked in the round
(Chain 9)

(Rnd 1) Work 2 sc into 2nd chain from Hk. Sc 4 (5). Hdc 2. Work 8 Hdc into last chain. Working across other side of chain, Hdc 2. Sc 4 (5). Work 2 Sc into last chain. (24, 26)

(Rnd 2) Work 2 sc into the first sc from previous round. Work 2 sc into the next stitch. Sc 7 (8). Work 2 sc into each of the next 6 stitches. Sc 7 (8). Work 2 into the next two stitches. (34, 36)

(Rnd 3) Sc 2. Work 2 sc into the next. Sc 10 (11). Work 2 sc into the next two stitches. Sc 4. Work 2 sc into the next 2 stitches. Sc 10 (11). Work 2 sc into the next stitch. Sc 2. Tie Off (40, 42)

2nd Sole- worked in the round

Same 3 rounds as instructed above but do not tie off.
Place wrong sides of both soles together.
Ss both soles together all the way around (40, 42)
Weave in tails

Look for chain highlighted in the circle. Will be on the side of the sole right under the ss.

Shoe Back

Right Shoe:
In dip of sole, attach yarn by pulling up a loop of your second color (pictured below).

(Rnd 1) Chain 1. Hdc in next 16 (18) stitches ending up even on the other side (pictured below). Turn.

(Rnd 2) Hdc into NEXT stitch and all stitches across. Turn. (15, 17)

(Rnd 3) Repeat Rnd 2 for (14, 16) total stitches

(Rnd 4) Repeat Rnd 2 for (13, 15) total stitches.

(Rnd 5) Chain 13 (15). Turn. Sc into 5th chain from hook (working on top of chain like a regular turn). Sc 8 (10). (9, 10)

(Rnd 6) Hdc across 12 (14) Tie off and weave in tail.

Left Shoe:
Starting on the same side of the sole as before, repeat rounds 1-4 as above turning after Rnd 4.

(Rnd 5) Hdc across (12,14) total stitches. Chain 13 (15).

(Rnd 6) Sc into bottom of 5th chain from hook (working under the chain this time). Sc 8 (10). Ss to shoe back. Tie off and weave in tail. (9,10)


Chain 4
Ss into first chain to form a ring.
*ch 5, Dble Treble 3 X's in ring, ch 5, ss in ring*...repeat once more (Edited 4/17/14 thanks Janet!)

Cut long tail and tie off.
Wrap yarn around middle 6 times. Using beginning tail, tie off and weave in tails.

Attaching bow

Thread tapestry needle and leaving two stitches in between shoe back and the bow, whip stitch bow to sole in the 5 chains. When moving to other side of bow, simply slide needle in between the sandwiched sole to move to other side and whip stitch again. Tie off and weave in. Using tapestry needle again sew buttons to shoe back.

*This is a free pattern. Please do not repost or distribute pattern in whole or part. You may sell what you make from this pattern! By using my pattern and selling your items, you are also agreeing that you will give credit by adding a link to my original blog post in each individual listing, or on your tags. Please DO NOT use my photos to sell your items! Thank you!

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