Knock-off Fuzzy's Tacos

If you are from Texas you may salivate at the thought of Fuzzy's Tacos. I could eat 5 of these without breathing in between! But tonight I looked in my fridge and found that I already had all the ingredients! Here is the knock-off of a Fuzzy's Baja Shrimp Taco!

Corn Tortilla
8-10 medium shrimp
Creole seasoning
Feta cheese
Shredded chedder cheese
Garlic sauce (I used jared alfredo sauce and added garlic)

1.Cook Shrimp in little bit of butter and sprinkle with creole (I say SPRINKLE because my husband COATED them and it was so hot my lips swelled!) They will shrink!

2.Place shrimp on tortilla and top with remaining ingredients. Only use a little sauce.

3.Enjoy! These are the best tacos ever! And pretty healthy!