On Thursday the 21st we went to our 18 week anatomy scan with the Perinatal Specialist. After taking all the measurements and looking at the heart we found out we are having two beautiful GIRLS! They are also identical and with that comes many complications such as gestational diabetes, one twin taking from the other and growing larger, pre-term labor, bedrest, and much more. I'm just supposed to take it easy! The doctor found a blood clot in the placenta which can cause bleeding so I hope that doesn't happen again! They are measuring perfect. They are 8 and 9 ounces and about 7-8 inches long! That's huge! I just wanted to know they were healthy and safe, knowing they are girls is a bonus! We are going to wait till we meet them to decide who is who! When we found out the family came over and Tristan and I attacked them with pink silly string! They were all so excited!!!

Note: To all those who told me they are super excited to start buying clothes.... I think that's awesome! But I must warn you that I really don't like animal print or anything hot pink that screams "princess"! Not my style! Think ECLECTIC! haha