A little update....

So I'm 21 weeks today! Yippee! But I had a feeling at some point in this pregnancy something would go a little funny, after all twin pregnancies are precarious. Totally expected at some point. 

Last night I had some cervical pain and later lost a little bit of the cervical plug. I called my doctor after hours and she told me I could either go to the ER or rest and go see her at 9 am. We decided to wait but I really did not sleep well. I checked every 4 hours to make sure things were still good. No cramps, bleeding, etc... So this morning I had a sonogram and she said that my cervix is concave. Like a little triangle (you can see the black spot in the middle)... They call it "beaking". Meaning it opened up a lil at the top but still measures normal. She said we have to watch it because twins deliver early. Nothing to be alarmed about but that I have to take it easy, not as serious as bed rest but i have to stay in bed or on the couch. I can get up and walk around but not for long. So until my appointment next Tuesday I'm putting myself on bed rest. Good news is today I already had an ultrasound scheduled for 2:30 with the twin specialist so I get to see the girls again today! Mostly I'm just trying to be relaxed about it. So perhaps y'all could pray that this resolves itself!

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