Five Months

You have learned so much this month! You are a lot more social and fun to play with. You both learned to laugh! Sophia was first and laughed at a rattle while Lilly, you laughed at Mommy opening the mail! You love it when Mommy puts on Toy Story. We got to take you swimming this month and you love it! You have little floaties so you can just relax. Mommy and Daddy even took you to a waterpark with your cousins! You are finally starting to move around a lot. Sophia, you can push yourself all the way across the room on your back! Mommy is always finding both of you on your tummies too! You are outgrowing all of your clothes and you are now wearing 6-9 month size! You also both finally grew enough hair that Mommy clip a bow in it! Next month will be half way to one year old and I've decided its time for you to stop growing!

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