Fire in 1112

Today was certainty eventful, and it's only 11am! I was on the computer organizing my million of photos when I noticed that this beeping had been going off. I don't know how long it went on for before I noticed. I went outside and made sure it wasn't a back-up beep from a truck. I pressed my ear to a few doors to see which one it was coming from. 1112's alarm had been going off. I rang the door bell and knocked a few time, no one answered. I walked around back to check for smoke. There wasn't any smoke that I could see but there was a horrible smell of burning food.
I immediately called 911 to let them know what was happening. My main concern was for the 2 little girls that live there. I frequently see them but not their parents. What if they were home alone and passed out from the smoke? The fire department showed up to check for heat coming from the door and windows. The lady from the apartment near mine showed up and called the apartment to get the key for the door as I couldn't get ahold of them. By the time the apartment lady showed up they had already busted to door and windows open. The place was filled with thick smoke. I saw one of the firemen holding a smoking pot of something burned. Turns out it was a pot of boiling potatoes. Who boils potatoes at 10 in the morning and then leaves? I was informed there was a pot of bacon grease one burner over. If that happened to be the one left on, the whole building would be burned down by now. Probably mine with it.
While I was waiting outside for the thumbs up, one of the firemen came to thank me for calling it in. Except he ruined it by saying "next time don't wait 30 minutes". Thanks man. Ill make sure to pay more attention next time, what with all the beeps that go on around here (trash day, construction etc.). I came inside and the girls were still sleeping peacefully in their crib and I couldn't help but think of how today could have been a tragedy.
Checking for heat
Fanning all the smoke out

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