7 Months

You girls are growing up! You are starting to get the hang of sitting up, but still fall over after a few seconds. No sign of crawling yet but Mommy is okay with that! You smile at us when you wake up every morning! You also get really excited at bedtime and that makes Daddy laugh. Both of your eyes have turned brown to match Daddy's! Lilly, you are always blowing raspberries and getting spit everywhere! Sophia, you like to screech really high pitched! We went to the doctor and found out that you both have to have helmets. You did awesome in the examination! I think in these next few months you will be so different!


  1. that's such a lovely way of photographing babies with the number at the side, making me broody again lol!

    1. Thanks! It always so fun but they don't fit on a yard of fabric anymore! Lol