How To: Fixing Rolled-up Shorts

You have some of these shorts, don't ya? You know, the ones you would love to wear but cant stand the thought of ironing them over and over again? Well I do and now my children do too! The girls got these cute little denim shorts for their birthday and when they emerged from the dryer my heart sunk as I realized what I had just gotten myself into. No way (ever) would I want to iron my girls tiny shorts every time they wear them. That's just too much upkeep for any piece of clothing (including mine). So as Summer is coming fast, I needed a quick (permanent) fix.

Step 1: Wash and dry shorts
Step 2: Allow yourself to be repulsed at what they now look like
Step3: Iron hem into the right place (or) pin in place if you are like me and don't (ever) want to iron
Step 4: Using matching thread, sew a straight stitch a fat 1/16" from edge. Make sure you backstitch at beginning and end.
Step 5: Stand back and admire your awesome work
Step 6: Rock your low-maintenance shorts!


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