Anybody for Bacon-ade?

We had a blast at the fair! More pics after the jump------->

 dancers dancing

 this. just this

the only picture Mom is in


 this car was $100 for adults and free for kids
I love my crazy-haired man

please note:
Deep Fried Pickles
Deep Fried PB&J, Snickers and Twinkies
Frog Legs
Bacon Lemonade
Do you even have one of those weekends where you never want it to end? Well I did Saturday. It was the Denton Arts and Jazz festival and it gets bigger every year. Now, I used to go (pre-children) in the evening when you would be shoulder to shoulder with sweaty, weird people. I don't think I could describe to you the weirdness that is in Denton. Strange hipster weirdoes, and I love it. I love watching them. Anyways, I'm a people watcher and I love crowds. When others want to get somewhere early to beat the crowd, I sleep in and enjoy the crammed space.

Now that I have the girls, and the fact that I'm getting old and intolerant of weirdoes, we got there soon after it opened at 10am. Wow it was a nice change! The weather was already starting to get hot, but there was a beautiful soft breeze that would swoop down and refresh us. The girls did great with the 3 hours we spent there, they even skipped nap! And when we put down our blanket to enjoy one of the many jazz band stationed around the park on different stages, Sophia even did the cutest dance. She must be just like her Mommy in her love of old-timey music. This was a moment where I WISH I knew how to swing dance. But we did stop and dance to some music with the girls in a big field, and when my sister Natalie dipped me at the end we got a round of applause.

I do believe I left out the best part! FOOD! We started with the ever amazing fried pickles with Ranch dressing. Probably the best thing ever, and I'm a foodie. Next Tristan made a b-line to the Wild Game stand for some smoked elk, cheese, and jalapeno sausage covered in grilled onions and mustard. It was amazing, that is I think it was, from the little bite he would allow me. "Don't worry honey, moms don't need to eat. I'll just nibble on the pretzels I brought for your children". But, the craziest of all was the bacon lemonade that Natalie got. Yes, I said it right, bacon-ade. It tastes like lemonade with a smoky flavor. Odd for sure.

I never wanted to leave, but nap-time was calling our names. All of our names.

Later the evening we went over to my parents for a cul-de-sac black party and cookout! Of course I would say yes to more bratwurst. And as my mom always said, I could tell we had a good day based on the amount of dirt that come off in the tub before bed.

 Unfortunately Tristan woke up sick the next day and found out he now has laryngitis.... so I'm glad we had a great time while we could.

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