Crochet Fawn Amigurumi

My sweet friend Olivia's baby shower is coming up. One thing I always love to give are crochet gifts! Seriously, who can resist a sweet pair of booties or a fuzzy animal. But scouring the internet for the perfect creature turned up nothing. I was looking for a simple fawn pattern. Something sweet that I could make girly. Nope! Nowhere to be found and definitely not for free! Alas I decided that I would do what I do best and wing it.

I purchased this reindeer pattern from Melichrous on Ravelry. I figured, hey... a reindeer is close, right? I could work with that for sure. You will have to buy the pattern on Ravelry ($4.99) but I have included the steps that I have changed in order to create this little lady!

On the head, body, arms and legs, where the instruction say to use your medium brown, instead use your dark (still light as this is a fawn) brown. NOTE: Use black embroidery floss to create 3 lashes on each eye before adding safety eyes.

The stomach, nose and hoofs I did in the same color, instead of different colors. This was done in my medium brown

Ears: Start with your dark brown and follow instruction. When it say to switch to "light brown", you will use medium brown instead but ONLY in round 7. The final round you will use your lightest yarn. Complete ear as stated in the instructions.

Tail: I could NOT figure the tail out, it was way too small for me to change colors so often. So instead I followed her directions, but started with my medium brown  for rounds 1 and 2. Then changed to my dark brown for the rest.

Spots: I used my lightest (white) yarn to create the spots. Using a tapestry needle, create little "V"s evenly on back.

Flower: Cut 5 circles out of felt, using a quarter as a template. Using matching embroidery floss (with a knot at the end) and a needle, fold the circles in half and feed onto needle about 1/3 of the way down.

Once all are on the needle push down to your knot. Spread out the petals and run your needle through the first circle to complete and pull tight. Adjust your petals and tie a knot. Leave a good length of the remaining floss to stitch onto your fawn.

Cut a simple leaf shape out of your green felt. I did not have a lighter green felt so instead I used a dark green and light green floss to create the details. For a simple leaf, use a lighter green felt and no details with the floss.

Position flower and leaf on your fawn and hand stitch it down really well. Mine won't even budge I stitched it down so much.

e, voila! A beautiful little fawn!


  1. Mine isn't coming out anything like your fawn!! I wish you'd do a tutorial!