To my fellow lazy bloggers...

Today I put the girls down for a nap (and they went to sleep right away, for once!) and got on the computer to post a crochet pattern to my blog. I found myself an hour later accomplishing nothing but staring at the screen at Pinterest post after Pinterest post on how to better my blog... make it more profitable... make it look professional.... how to master SEO... I ended up with a headache. Too long have I put time into making this blog awesome.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE blogging. In fact, I love it so much that I dream about fun projects just to share with you, my dear readers. But I have to put the mouse down and remind myself that I cant be perfect (ouch). This is reality, I have two children... two TWO YEAR OLDS. You know, the kind that poop on my ottoman and wipe boogers on my couch, and that is just today. They wont nap everyday no matter how much I try. And when they do I am afraid they will hear me and come knocking on my office door. Oh yes and I forgot to mention. I have this thing called a house. A house that seemingly is always dirty.

I just don't have time to invest my life into being an awesome blogger/computer genius. Now don't get me wrong, I seriously applaud those of you who have awesome blogs. Those of you who do creative things that inspire others. All while making that six figure income. I don't know how you do it. You are the ones I have looked up to to get my blog where I thought it should be.

I receive 60,000+ views a month. That's a whole hell of a lot! And I am so thankful! I love knowing that my fun projects catch your eye and inspire you. Having a famous blog wasn't my original intent. I started this merely to document my pregnancy and post pics of the girls to show family. But it grew into something beautiful!

I would love to make money from my passion. How amazing would it be to be able to assist my family in paying off debt (thanks school loans)? And maybe soon I will, with the launch of my totally awesome pattern line.

You may not know this, but I have my bachelors degree in Fashion Design. I love to sew. But the thing is, I love to sew for my girls. To make something sweet and original. But I simply can not seem to find the time to finish much of anything. You also may not know that I love the Lord. He knows the desires of my heart, and if he wants this blog to become something even more amazing, it will. Until then, I need to spend more time pouring love and creativity into my two amazing children who, after all, are my biggest fans. I vow, here and now, to stop the madness.

 So here we are, fellow lazy bloggers. I applaud you too. You took an idea or dream and turned it into a great outlet for yourself. Does it fill you up? My blog sure does. Even without perfection. You are doing awesome!

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  1. Yes, spend this time with your children! Nobody has ever said, "I wish I spent less time with my kids." People HAVE said, "I wish I hadn't spent all my time on that job. Worrying about money. Etc." ☺ Go! Spend time with your loved ones! ♡

    -Kate L.