Perfect Weather

The word is ahead of us...
Ready to go!
 I love Sophia smiles
Lilly loves her straps
It's beautiful back here!
 an impromptu photoshoot

 snack time!
The moment I woke up I could sense the beautiful weather waiting for us outdoors! I got through this morning as best I could and was waiting excitedly to go for a walk (for the first time in months). I packed grapes, cheese, a banana and baby puffs for along the way. I figured I would leave the girl's helmets off, so their little smelly heads could air out! We took our usual path through the woods, down the beautiful trail and also discovered a new path! There was tall trees hanging overhead, little squirrels scurrying into the bushes as we went past, and lots of little (and big) turtles basking in the warm sun. I hope everyday is like this!

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