The Joy of New Fabric

our first cart ride
 someone is always frowning
 this always makes me happy
mmm... the sound of new scissors cutting new fabric

Today we ventured to Joann's Fabrics; a place I dread. They rearranged their store so I cant find anything and they never EVER have enough cutters at the counter. But we found some awesome fabric that I couldn't live without! It was Sophia and Lillian's naptime so they were getting fussy. But Mommy is never afraid to embarrass herself in public in order to keep things calm! Sophia laughed and laughed as she watched me do jumping jacks while I perused the fabric (a skill I didn't know I had). Grandma was pushing Lilly who wouldn't even smile! The best part was I found these awesomely sharp Fiskar's scissors on sale! All in all I think the little ladies enjoyed their first time in a shopping cart. Time to sew!

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