A New Elephant

I had so much fun making this little elephant! The moment I saw this bright fabric I knew it was meant to be! I paired it with a gray and white polka dot to make it gender neutral. Just a little fun for everyone!

It took me what feels like forever to get it finished because my little ladies can now crawl and pull up on everything! My life just got amazingly smaller. My work area now is closed off with a baby gate but the girls still manage to find fabric scraps everywhere!

Anyways I hope that you like this little guy and I have more coming down the pipeline as soon as I can get the girls to take a nice long nap. You can purchase this little guy here and also send me custom requests as well!


  1. Cute! :) I also love your custom tag... did you order that or make it?

  2. Thanks! I totally made it. I printed my logo backwards on that t-shirt transfer paper and ironed it onto some grosgrain ribbon!

  3. Cool idea... it looks great! :)