A Thanksgiving at Home

 they actually liked tomatoes

 homemade stuffing
 my mother is a prepared kinda gal!
 appetizers (and Marlo's crazy good pimento spread)

 notice how moms are never in the pictures? It's a good thing they have an auntie who looks like me!
 rising parmesan bread
 the only picture I got of the turkey

 I got stuck with "wash dishes"

We were so lucky to get to celebrate two Thanksgivings this year! All the extra food wasn't even the best part (although I was excited about that), it was that we got to spend lots of time with family we don't get to see too often.

For Thanksgiving day we spent it with my family in North Texas. I went over to my parent's house the day before to get everything prepared. The girls ate so much food I thought they were going to get sick! After dinner to had homemade pumpkin pie and yummy lemon bars. I am so grateful for our family for this wonderful holiday. I know one year I will have to cook the turkey myself but luckily that duty is a little ways off! I just hope I don't have to wait till next year for the yummiest Sweet Potato Soufflé in the world (thanks Mommy)!

We left the next day for New Braunfels, TX to spend a second Thanksgiving with Tristan's family! Click here for pictures of our trip!

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