First Snow

This weekend was the girls first snow! Tristan disagrees, he said that this is not snow, it's ice. True, it does not fall apart and did not fall as pretty white fluff. When you walk on it, it is hard and crunchy. I can hear it cracking. A similar sound to ice cracking on a pond below your feet (which I never hope to hear). All in all I refuse to believe it is not snow. After all, this is Texas and days like this are limited so I will take full advantage. It is about 20-something degrees outside. I look forward each year to the one or two days we like this we get but since it is "ice", we are cooped up here like prisoners! The girls had fun watching Daddy run ahead and slide on the slippery sidewalk. He even pushed them up a tall hill and slid down with them like a sled! It was so sweet seeing little red noses and mittened hands.
When we got home Daddy lit us a nice warm fire and the girls played until they were warmed up. Today is much of the same, except we are going to decorate the Christmas tree at my parents house. My favorite as we get to unwrap all of the weird handmade ornaments and souvenirs picked up along the way; reminiscing each time one is revealed out of its year long storage in newspaper. I hope everyone is having a safe and warm December so far. And don't forget the REASON for the season!


  1. I'm kind of like your husband and I've been calling it ice... but maybe you're right, I should probably consider it my baby's first snow! Need to add that to the baby book. Genius me never even thought to take a picture of her out in it, though! I love your girls' cute hats and especially their outfits with ears! Cora has a zip up hoodie with bear ears from Old Navy, but yours are even cuter!

  2. Thanks! The hoodies were a gift but I think they are Carter's brand!