A Thanksgiving Away

The girls did great in the car ride down to New Braunfels, probably because we left at 6:30pm and they were already sleepy. Unfortunately the car ride back was filled with breaks and my back was killing me from having to turn around in the car to put pacifiers back in! It was a great trip and we all enjoyed spending time with Poppi and Grandma. They sent us home with lots of Thanksgiving left overs so we get to relive it this week! Yum!

On Sunday before we left town we stopped by Gruene. It's my favorite place in the state! Old Antique shops and boutiques. But the best is the Gristmill, a really old mill overlooking the river that was turned into a restaurant!
 no more fighting over the walker
 Lilly Flower
 Grandma and cousin Riley!

our first Vanilla Wafers!
 wine punch

my favorite part (mmmm... rolls)
what happens when I try to get all of us in a shot
 Gruene, Texas

 lunch at the Gristmill



  1. Gosh, I ate at the Gristmill in Gruene with my husband (then just boyfriend) and his parents eons ago... probably in 2005? Need to go back, it was lots of fun!