Maybe the Best Day Ever

Today was A-MAZE-ING! After our afternoon nap we went over to my parents place to play. Its nice to have a change of scenery and I only have the car Monday and Friday so we were excited to finally get out of the house! I bought a water table recently but I have yet to find an outdoor rug so the girls don't have to stand on the dirty (and HOT) concrete that is my apartment patio. But Grandma has a baby pool. Actually it's a dog pool that I got for $1 at a garage sale, but who cares. It fits two plump (naked) babies perfectly!

It was really hot today. I think around 90 degrees which is crazy considering we had a freeze on Monday. The girls happily played for an hour in the sun, splashing and trying to fit the whole ball in their mouth with no avail. Half way through we decided it would be much more fun to skinny dip, and I love to see little naked bottoms! They played until I realized that we had completely missed naptime because Lilly was no longer having fun. Basically all of a sudden she was having the worst day ever. So out we went!

Once inside the girls played on the floor for about another hour when all of a sudden... Lilly took steps! I mean, this morning she only used her right foot and went in a circle but at Grandma's she took like five steps! We were so excited, our cries of joy scared the pants off of Sophia! I couldn't wait to show Daddy when we got home.

After an amazing dinner of tacos and ham and cheese grilled cheese sandwiches they took a bath where they obviously weren't tired of being in water again! Then... she walked to him. All 7 steps without faltering! Well, don't get me wrong... there was a lot of faltering; and every time she fell she would laugh so loud! Sophia caught on and started throwing herself down on purpose to join in on the fun! I have to be honest, I was worried they were behind. They are almost 15 months and they weren't walking. But everybody learns at their own pace. I'm sure Sophia wont be too far behind.

Its amazing how parents jump for joy when their child takes their first steps, like they are the first person ever to walk. We all learn to walk but its always an achievement. I mean, hey, she will never crawl again! That is, until she has her own children. All of a sudden I'm filled with a little sadness at the thought of my daughter growing up....

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