Thursday Adventures

Yesturday was AMAZING! The whole day was filled with awesomeness. The girls got up a 9:30am which, thanks to daylight savings, is wonderful. As we are eating breakfast I remember my friends and their little ones are having a playdate at the park a mile away at 10:30. Whats a girl with no car to do? WALK! That's right I loaded the girls up and walked that mile; filled with up-hill streets, the wind against us, no sidewalks, and crossing busy streets (which if you remember my accident) is a HUGE deal. But that's not all, halfway there we lost a stroller wheel! You know, the ones that have a million different parts? I heard it falter as we went over yet another curb to find a sidewalk and next thing you know we left it behind us. I had to take a 5 minute break to figure how to fix it and luckily I have two front tires, so I had an example to look at.

Phew! We got there and it only took us 30 min. The girls had fun playing at the new park. It wasn't filled with those tiny rocks or pieces of wood, it was very realistic astro-turf! So no choking! It WAS filled with lots of kids and dressed up Mommies. That last part I never get, I must be the only one who has too much to do to dress up for other moms. Anyways... After an hour there we decided we would make the long trip home. As my friends loaded up their kiddos in air conditioned cars, we made our way back in 86 degree weather and the hot Texas sun. Home was much easier and we got there in under 20 min. And the best part is, I discovered a shortcut where I don't have to worry about not having a sidewalk...

Id like to take this moment to say that Texas is so weird. Here I am thinking that it is law that there has to be sidewalks and then it ends and picks up 100 feet down and across the street. Ughhh.

... So nap time was in order when we got back and the girls slept 4.5 hours! I was overjoyed! But that joy didn't last long when at 5 o'clock I went in to see them. Lilly was waving a diaper in the air; it wasn't her diaper. Sophia had somehow managed to get her (poopy) diaper off and hand it to Lilly! Poop and the diaper was in Lilly's crib while Sophia was naked with poop in her own crib. Lovely! It actually made me laugh out loud. It was definitely a first (and not the last) for us!

After a 5 o'clock snack Daddy came home and played with the girls till he was wiped out on the floor with little ones climbing him like a rock. Some family fun time ensued! Dinner was this AMAZING egg casserole that is my Mom's recipe (which the girls wouldn't touch) and finally bed at 8pm. 1.5 hours later than normal! All of us were in bed at 8pm and it was wonderful!

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