my little Flower
 just look at that cute face (Sophia)
 messy ladies
chillin with Aunt Kelly

I would love to tell you these are recent photos (and look like a responsible blogger) but unfortunately these were taken Sunday before last. I would have posted earlier but I had the WORST weekend ever. It was filled with cleaning up vomit, running to the bathroom, taking care of sick people, and a visit to the ER. Lets just say that I barely survived...

Ok, ok. Back to last weekend. After church we went over to my parents and had a lovely brunch in the backyard! My Mom makes the best tuna salad. The girls were starting to get antsy (and definitely tired) but since I'm a stingy mommy and like family time we "stretched" them a bit (don't worry, they are the most flexible babies ever). What better way than to have some fun? Bring on the water!

We layed out a tarp and filled some containers with water for the girls to play in. With floating balls and kitchen utensils, it was a really great sensory activity! They played for what felt like hours and had all of us cracking up with their little language and interactions. I will definitely do this again. Its nice to keep them cool without the pain of filling a pool or the worry of safety.

Here's to hoping this weekend will be easier!

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