Recipe Review: Baby Susie's Oatmeal Banana Bites


Recently I have been cooking (and baking) up a storm! These girls always keep me on my toes when it comes to what they will and will not eat. I have been on the look out for a healthy snack that is easy to make and wont empty my pockets (read: nothing at Whole Foods). So now we come to the recipe.

The credit for this genius snack goes to Melissa from The Big Blue House Blog. She made these little bites to please her sweet (and hungry) little lady! I too know what it feels like to see such a tiny person eat as much as a sumo wrestler! She gets me....

Click here for the recipe!

Now for the review:
Clearly you can already assume that I LOVE these little cookies. The best part was that I didn't need to go out and buy any of the ingredients. I already have them in my constant stash of supplies. But my lack of imagination would never had thought to combine them. I didn't have a food processor so I blended the oats in my blender which I think worked just as good. Then I added them and the other ingredients in a large mixing bowl and blended using my hand blender and they turned out perfect. I did add 2 tsp of flax seeds that I had ground with my coffee grinder. I wanted to give the bites and extra punch of nutrition!

After the mere 12 minutes in the oven they came out perfect! The girls thought they were very tasty and kept asking for "mo!". These were a hit and make me feel like Mom of the year.


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  1. Hey, thanks for sharing my recipe! Actually you reminded me that I haven't made these in a while, and I have bananas turning brown in my kitchen as we speak. Think I'll mix some up right now! Can't wait to check out your blog and read some more! :)