Recipe Review: Peanut Butter Banana Muffins

As you can tell I have been baking my way through Pinterest the last week. Im not kidding when I tell you this is the best muffin I've ever had.... You may be wondering why I have included carrots in the photo of. Well, believe it or not there are carrots in the muffins!

This recipe is from Jessica Seinfeld's cookbook sensation Deceptively Delicious. She has awesome ideas on how to get the veggies your kids hate into delicious foods. I mean, can you really pass up Mac n Cheese with Butternut Squash, or Chicken Nuggets with Sweet Potatoes? As for my kids, they do alright with veggies. But if I can give them veggies for breakfast then ill do it! We have been eating the little babies for breakfast almost every morning. I spread a little cream cheese on mine like my mom always did.

These come out very moist almost like banana bread, so they are a little sticky on your fingers, but so worth it. I actually completely forgot to add the peanut butter the first time I made these (picture tiny humans crawling up my legs and whining for more snacks), but they still turned out awesome! Just a little less tall. So if you have peanut allergies you can omit it and still enjoy this tasty treat!

Sherri over at has been nice enough to share the recipe as she owns the cookbook. You can find the full recipe here.

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